What Does “Theta” Mean?

Theta is actually the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet: θ. That symbol is named “theta.”

In Scientology, theta means thought or life force. In Science of Survival, L. Ron Hubbard defines theta as:

Thought, potentially independent of a material vessel or medium. Life force. Élan vital.

If you haven’t seen the term “élan vital” before, here’s the definition, from the Science of Survival glossary:

élan vital: According to the philosophy of Henri Bergson (1859-1941), a creative life force present in all living things. In French, élan means forward thrust or impulse; motion inspired by strong or intense feeling. Vital means of life.

So, “Theta Code” would really be code created by thought or life force. That’s really how most code is created, isn’t it, by thought?


3 Comments on “What Does “Theta” Mean?”

  1. Milla says:

    Hi Max,

    Love the idea of your blog, love the name. I did not know Theta was the EIGHT letter! Isn’t it great? 😉

  2. I found your meaning of theta very interesting.The italian architect Bramante used “theta progression” in his architecture,bringing more meaning and scope to his buildings.I use his ideas in my art. Look at “magnum opus” on my website.

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