What Is Scientology?

Scientology is a practical, useful collection of ideas that can be applied to change conditions in life.

I once explained some of the basics of Scientology to my friend Jenny, and she said that the things she had heard about it–before hearing about it from me–were like, “If people said that Jesus was a flying walrus.”

Scientology encourages people to find out things for themselves. It encourages you to observe the world and see what is true for you. I encourage you to observe Scientology for yourself and find out what’s true for you. Or just read my blog here and decide for yourself if the ideas I’m talking about seem useful or true.


4 Comments on “What Is Scientology?”

  1. Laurence Bingham says:

    I’m delighted to find these articles that explain Scientology quotes that I have been
    familiar with for decades but didn’t really understand in application. Although you relate them to the subject of computer programming, the explanation applies just as well to other
    activities or topics – in my case linguistics.
    So thanks. Laurence.

    • Max Kanat-Alexander says:

      Thank you so much Laurence! πŸ™‚ I can totally see how all of quotes I’ve talked about would apply in linguistics, that’s awesome! πŸ™‚


  2. Tracey Bell says:

    I’m delighted to be a part of this group. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  3. Brian says:

    I was surprised to stumble on to your blog yesterday and was quite pleased with the posts.
    As a software engineer in Kentucky with similar interests, I have felt like like a fish out of water. Thanks for sharing the thoughtful insights.

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